The Best Documentaries online to watch for free in USA

Connections with jemes burke documentary

A mind-blowing romp through history builds a pathway to the present  and a breakthrough that stands to profoundly change our futur

AI Tipping Point documentary

With Artificial Intelligence evolving so rapidly, will it surpass human intelligence? Could this lead to our replacement—or, worse, our extinction? Top experts provide..

The Real wild west documentary

4-part series revealing the real history of the Wild West. Beyond gunslingers and lawmen, we meet the diverse..

Titans the rise of hollywood documentary

Inspiration, power, greed, scandal – a story that was made for the movies. The gripping drama of how ..

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Pompeii disaster street documentary

For the first time in 70 years, archaeologists have uncovered new areas of ancient Pompeii. With exclusive access to the dig, see how the latest artifacts and DNA science are changing history