Portable Home Use Ultrasound Massager Pain Therapy for sale online in USA for US $20 Free Shipping 

Introducing Our Portable Home Use Ultrasound Massager Pain Therapy – Your Path to Soothing Relief!

Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a pain-free lifestyle with our innovative Portable Home Use Ultrasound Massager. Available for just US $20 with Free Shipping within the USA, this powerful device is designed to provide therapeutic relief in the comfort of your own home.

✨ Key Features:

Material: Crafted from durable ABS for long-lasting use.

Voltage: Compatible with 100-240V for versatile usage.

Frequency: Operates at 50-60Hz for effective pain therapy.

Power: Boasts 10W of power for optimal performance.

Ultrasonic Frequency: Utilizes 1MHz (Million Times/Second) for targeted relief.

Timer: Convenient 15-minute timer for hassle-free sessions.

3 Modes: Choose from Low, Medium, or High modes for personalized comfort.

Color: Sleek and elegant White design.

Application: Tailored for Home Use, providing ease and convenience.

Treatment Area: Ideal for both Facial and Body applications.

Size: Compact dimensions of 20154.3cm for portability.

Weight: Lightweight at 234g for effortless handling.

🔌 Versatile Plug Options:

Choose the suitable plug for your region with options like EU/US plug and AU/UK adapter included – ensuring compatibility wherever you are.

Invest in your well-being and experience the transformative benefits of ultrasound therapy. Whether you're targeting facial or body areas, our Portable Ultrasound Massager is here to deliver targeted relief, allowing you to take control of your comfort.

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