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backlit house numbers for sale online in USA for US $ 4


 backlit house numbers for sale online in USA for US $ 4
125mm Floating House Number Letters Big Modern Door Alphabet Home Outdoor 5 in.Black Numbers Address Plaque Dash Slash Sign #0-9
-Number 0-9, A,B,C, Dash and Slash Sign
-Color: Black
-Material: Zinc Alloy
-Height: 5 In. (Approx:125mm)
-Package: 1x Number,1x Screws bag,1x Intallation Instructions.
-Easy to read. Perfect for your front door.
-Made of Zinc Alloy,Anti-rust and long lasting!
-Screws and fasteners for installaiton are included
-Could be mounted on wooden plaque, Comment Wall and Brick Wall.

Price:US $ 4
Shipping :Free
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on 👉 AliExpress USA


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backlit house numbers for sale online in USA for US $ 4

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