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solar panels for home for sale online in USA for US $8


 solar panels for home for sale online in USA for US $8
100W Solar Panel Hochleistungs-Solarpanel + 10A-Transformator Easy and Convenient Household Power Supply
This item is designed to provide continuous power.
Thanks to the high-tech design, the solar panels are made of high-quality materials.
The conversion rate is high, no matter how the sunlight angle changes.
It can provide stable power output. Proudly manufactured, low noise, high efficiency, and few failures.
Suitable for camping, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. Also suitable for people who work long hours outdoors.
Such a convenient and practical item, just take it home!
Packing size: 520*280*30mm
1. Constructed with high-quality materials, environmentally friendly, slightly waterproof, durable and sensitive.
2. Low noise, high efficiency and low failure rate.
3. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.
4. As long as there is sunlight, high conversion rate can be continuous power supply.
5. Suitable for outdoor activities, emergencies and outdoor work.
10A-50A Controller:
1.Build-in industrial micro controller.
2.Fully 4-stage PWM charge management.
3.One-key setting,digital display, auto memory function.
4.Dual mosfet Reverse current protections, low heat productions.
5.Build-in short-circuit protections, open-circuit protections, reverse protections, over-load protections.
Model: PWM
Buck charge: 18.8V
Float charge: 17.4V
USB output: 5V/3A
Self-consume: <10mA
Discharge stop: 11.4V

Price:US $8
Shipping :Free to USA
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solar panels for home for sale online in USA for US $8



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