Pumpkin Masters Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit Carving Party 22 Pieces for sale online in USA for US $6


 Pumpkin Masters Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit Carving Party 22 Pieces for sale online in USA for US $6
Product details
Throw a pumpkin carving party this Halloween for ultimate family fun with Pumpkin Masters® Carving Party Kit! This kit includes everything from scary to silly carving patterns and tools made especially for both adults and kids with easy grip handles. Everyone will have Halloween fun showing off their impressive pumpkin carving masterpieces! The tradition of Pumpkin Carving has been around for more than 60 years and for 30 of those years Pumpkin Masters has provided millions of families with safer carving methods and tools. For lighting your pumpkin, try the Pumpkin Masters 3 in 1 LED Light Pumpkin Light, sold separately.
Everything a group of pumpkin masters need to carve pumpkins.
Kit includes 10 carving tools
1 Safety Saw for cutting the top or bottom opening of the pumpkin and for carving simple designs
2 Scrapper Scoops for cleaning out the pumpkin
1 transfer tool to transfer the patterns to the pumpkin
1 poker and 1 super poker that can be used to transfer the patterns
3 Detail Saws for precision carving
1 Drill and 1 Crayon
1 pattern books that include 12 pumpkin carving patterns Variety of patterns and a range of difficulty levels, so the whole family can carve together.

Price:US $6
Shipping :Free to home
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