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Expandable Water Gun for sale online in USA for US $8


 Expandable Water Gun for sale online in USA for US $8
25-200FT Expandable Water Gun Hose Kit Magic PVC Reel Pipe with 7 Spraying Mode Water Gun for Garden Farm Irrigation Car Wash
- Before starting to use, please check if there is a little looseness at each threaded joint. If it is, please tighten it first, so as to effectively reduce the water leakage.
- The filling process can be extended to the corresponding 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 ft.
- Connect the water pipe to the faucet, and when the water starts to be discharged, gradually increase the Water pressure, the water pipe will automatically extend and complete, and then it can be used through the nozzle;
- Once water passes through the water pipe, the pipe will extend in length and water will not pass through. It will retract to its original length, and it will be convenient for use in more distant places. It is lightweight and does not take up space.
- Please pay attention to the reasonable use and extend the service life of the water pipe: under Water pressure, the water pipe can be fully extended, and even if the Water pressure is increased, the water pipe can no longer elongate due to the protection of the outer braided pipe sleeve, and does not open. In the case of the nozzle, only the pressure on the inner and outer tubes will be increased. When the pressure is large, the life of the inner and outer tubes will be endangered. In addition, when the water pipe is not in use, please discharge the water in the tube in time. Otherwise, under the long-term pressure state, even if the faucet is turned off, the inner tube will be elastically deteriorated, affecting the telescopic function!
- The hose is made of high-grade fabric and is beautiful and wear-resistant.
- Applicable occasions: Suitable for watering and cleaning purposes: Garden, car wash, RV, swimming pool, boat and so on.
- Material: PTE
- Water Proposal≤:3mpa(Suggest the water pressure:2bra,Hose service life is longer)
- Color: Green,Blue,Orange
- Quantity:1kit
- Size:25FT,50FT,75FT,100FT,125FT,150FT, 175ft, 200FT

Price:US $ 8
Shipping :Free to USA
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Expandable Water Gun for sale online in USA for US $8



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