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Night Reflective Bike-Running for sale online in USA for US $3


 Night Reflective Bike-Running for sale online in USA for US $3
30ML Night Reflective Bike-Running Fluorescence Paint Anti-Accident Safety Mark Luminous Fluorescent Spray
100% brand new and high quality.
Security patron saint of the night - Night Reflective Spray.
Product is formulated by the aqueous resin and special reflective material.It can be sprayed on any surface of the article without changing its color and hurting the substrate.
It can enhance the visibility at night or critical situation because the spray layer can achieve good reflective effect when meet light in the night.Improve security and avoid accidents.
Remove the dust, greasy dirt and water fron the surface of substance before spraying.
Open the cap,and shake the container well before using.Keeping a distance of 20-30cm with the surface of the article.Spray evenly on the surface of the article.If have material left, need inverse for 3-5 seconds,and clean the valve in case of blocking.
It can be sprayed according the icons(suggestion:spray on the surface of dark or black color article to reach the best perfermance).
It can be cleaned with water if the article do not need the function.
Applicarion: It can be used as reflective safety tips on any article's surface,such as running,shoes,bicycle,helmet,clothes,hat,gloves,bags and so on.
Color: Silver,Black
Material: Water-based cleaning resin + reflective material
Size: 10cm × 3cm
Net: 30ml
Quantity: 1 bottle
Package Included:
1 bottle Reflective Spray

Price:US $3.62
Shipping :US $3.24

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Night Reflective Bike-Running for sale online in USA for US $3



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