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Ceramic Dinner Plates for sale online in USA for US $5


 Ceramic Dinner Plates for sale online in USA for US $5
Ceramic Dinner Plates Dinnerware Set Dishes Luxury Green Food Dessert Plate Salad Soup Bowl Tableware Set for Restaurant Hotel
Item type: tableware set/plates set/dinner plates
Material: Ceramic
Color: Green with Golden Rim
Shape: Round
Application: home/kitchen/restaurant/hotel/Café/party
Package Including:
Options: Sauce Dish/4.5inch Bowl/7inch Salad Bowl/8inch Soup Bowl/7inch flat Plate/8inch flat plate/10inch flat Plate/8inch deep Plate/12-inch Fish Plate/1 Person Set/2 Person Set/4 Person Set/6 Person Set/8 Person Set/8inch flat plate*6/8inch flat plate*8/10inch flat plate*6/10inch flat plate*8
1Person Set: Sauce Dish*1+4.5inch Bowl*1+8inch flat Plate*1+10inch flat plate*1
2Person Set: Sauce Dish*2+4.5inch Bowl*2+8inch flat Plate*2+10inch flat Plate*2
4Person Set: Sauce Dish*4+4.5inch Bowl*4+8inch flat Plate*4+10inch flat Plate*4+12inch fish Plate*1
6Person Set: Sauce Dish*6+4.5inch Bowl*6+8inch flat Plate*6+10inch flat Plate*6+12inch fish Plate*1+8inch Soup Bowl*1
8Person Set: Sauce Dish*8+4.5inch Bowl*8+8inch flat Plate*8+10inch flat Plate*8+12inch fish Plate*2+8inch Soup Bowl*1
★ The combination of gold tracing and dark green ceramic, showing the luxury and extraordinary taste.
★ Anti-slip design at the bottom for better handling and stable placement.
★ A Wide selection of self-use to enhance the dining experience, as well as a nice gift.
We all pack with foam box and carton box, the gap between product and box filled with package protection material, make sure to arrive safety.

Price:US $5.66
Shipping :Free

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Ceramic Dinner Plates for sale online in USA for US $5



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