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Yoga Toes for sale online in USA


 Yoga Toes for sale

 online in USA


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Yoga Toes for sale online in USA

Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Dance Exercise - Be Safe and Comfortable at Home or in the Studio
100% Cotton Yarn Means Comfort and Easy Machine Washing
Soft Rubber Nibs on the Sole Prevent Slips and Help You Keep Your Balance
2 Different Sizes Mean the Right Fit for Everyone - Small/Medium and Medium/Large
Each Double-Value Pack Comes in Different Color Choices; Combine a Pair of True-Black with a Pair of Magenta, or Sterling-Grey with True-Black! The Open-Top Open-Foot Design Double-Value Pack Comes with A Pair of True-Black and A Pair of Sterling-Grey Socks



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