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appliance connection brooklyn offers deals online


 appliance connection brooklyn 

offers deals online


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appliance connection brooklyn offers deals online

  Shopping for appliances and other home products can be many brands, specs, new features! How do you know you're making the right choice, or getting the best deal? What is in-stock and available?
We set out to change the way people shop online, offering 300+ top-tier appliance brands at the most affordable prices, with the best service.
My brother Elie and I started Appliances Connection in 1999 to give customers a wide array of choices and an unparalleled experience. We dreamed of serving customers across the country—homeowners, business owners, architects & designers, builders & general contractors, real estate developers, government agencies, everyone! Fast-forward two decades and we merged with another respected industry leader, Goedekers, which expanded our warehouse and delivery network across the nation. The dream was coming true.
We've cracked the code of how to combine in-depth detail on the best brands, volume purchasing, and rebates with manufacturer discounts, sparing you from chasing down savings. Unlike most e-commerce businesses, we are known for well-trained customer service agents (humans, not robots!), available via email, chat or phone.



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