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wireless bluetooth headphones for sale online in USA


 wireless bluetooth headphones 

for sale online in USA


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wireless bluetooth headphones for sale online in USA

 Feature :
1. Upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 chip, the connection is more stable and the delay is lower, and it supports Bluetooth devices
2. Support ACC/SBC HD audio decoding
3.10mm dual-frequency large moving coil unit, composite dual-diaphragm, high-frequency analysis
4. True TWS, regardless of main and auxiliary ears, free switching between ears, can be used alone
5. Take it out and connect, pair in seconds, and automatically pair after the first pairing
6. Long battery life, 3-4 hours in a single use, and the charging compartment can be used 4 times
7. Adopt Type-c interface, fast charging, charging compartment magnetic design
Lenovo Explosion-LP40 True Wireless Bluetooth earphones:
1.Suitable for the crowd: simple style, small appearance
   Suitable for scenes: music, sports and calls
2. Officially authorized by Lenovo, original guarantee
3.13mm pronunciation unit, high-quality sound
4. Upgrade large battery, long battery life
5. Smaller and more outstanding. Comfortable to wear, painless to wear for a long time
6. One of the highest-selling and most popular Bluetooth earphones on China's e-commerce platform



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