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Washing Machine Cleaner for sale online in USA


 Washing Machine Cleaner

 for sale online in USA


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Washing Machine Cleaner for sale online in USA

 Item Type: Window Cleaning
Special Features: Car window cleaning
Material Type: concentrate
Item Weight: 2G
Color: Blue(shown in the pictures)
Maintenance wiper windshield, very important is glass water add wiper fine, regular and glass cleaning wiper, concentrated block cleanser, not only have a cleansing effect, also lubricates the glass, greatly reduce the wiper blade and glass friction force, full protection for good glass surface, extend wiper blade service life. glass dry scraping avoid!
Cars rideability treaders rain wiper process, as found in a slight wiper noise, please spray on water wiper, can in to lubricate the role of, and clean glass surface murky. regular maintenance, let your wiper outperforming.
Use methods:
1.Open glass bottle cover, put into a grain of block concentrated.
2.Fill up clear water ( recommended tap water ).
3.Lid reset.
1 piece add 2 liters of water
Concentrated super auto glass cleaner, than conventional glass water unique
Somatotype small, portable with milk film general size
Use convenient, rinse block plus concentrated use
Performance efficient, a grain of 2 liter equals to general water wiper.
Package Included:
20X Effervescent Tablet



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