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time domain reflectometer for sale online in USA


 time domain reflectometer 

for sale online in USA


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time domain reflectometer for sale online in USA

 The NK6000 series optical time domain reflectometer is a high-performance multi-functional test instrument designed for FTTx networks. The product can achieve a maximum dynamic range of 45dB, ranging resolution of up to 0.05m, a test blind zone with a minimum of 0.8m, dual-wavelength, three-wavelength, four-wavelength, and single and multi-module integrated configuration modules, including The optional online test module can realize the non-destructive testing of the link light, and has a special self-diagnosis function of test results, which greatly ensures the reliability and validity of the test results.
The product adopts dual touch and key operation modes. The product has a rich external interface. It can realize remote control through Ethernet interface, and can also realize external U disk, printer and PC data communication through two different USB interfaces.
Main function
(1) support 5 mw VFL
(2) fiber light source
(3)fiber end face detection
(4)optical power meter
(5) optical loss test
(6)fault location
(7)photoeye,Intelligent optical link mapper(iOLM)



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