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led strip lights for sale online in USA


 led strip lights 

for sale online in USA


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led strip lights for sale online in USA

 A brighter home for a brighter life
•  Endless color options with dimmable RGB lights
•  Bluetooth, Bluetooth/music and standard LED strips
•  Remote-controlled via app and/or Bluetooth remote
•  Easy to install in 5–30m/16.4–98.4ft lengths
•  Timer function for scheduled lighting
RGB lights give you 16 million color options
Pick a preset hue or create your own to match your decor, mood or the occasion.
Difference between 2835 and 5050 lights
1 2835 has no white light, while 5050 has
2 2835 with 8mm/0.3 pin width while 5050 with 10mm/0.4 pin
Choose from 3 options: standard, Bluetooth control or Bluetooth/music-syncing abilities
Select no-fuss lighting or the Bluetooth options for an additional remote control. Sync your playlist and lights with the music model.
Manage your lighting remotely with an app or remote
Switch on/off, adjust brightness or change colors with the HappyLighting app or the Bluetooth remote.
5–30m/16.4–98.4ft lengths for every space and scenario
Find the perfect fit to light up your shelves, illuminate your entire living room and more.
Control brightness with dimmable function
From bright-as-day lighting for reading to a warm glow for cozy evenings, find the perfect level of illumination.
Schedule your lights on a timer
Boost your energy savings by having your lights turn on and off automatically.
Easy to install with strong self-adhesives
Simply cut and link the strips to create the length and shape you want, then attach them to a dry surface of your choice.
Usage and Care
1. When hooking up the light strip to a controller, please make sure the arrows on the connectors face each other and are aligned.
2. Please unspool the LED strip before turning it on to avoid damage.
3. The strip can be cut along the designated lines and linked with LED strip connectors.
4. Please note that the "5X10" on the black wheel represents the size of the wheel, not the LED strip.
5. Do not attach two LED strips together.
Brand Name: aiopp
Origin: China
Model Number: LED5001
LED Type: SMD 5050 (White light) or SMD2835 (No white light)
Color: RGB
Length: 5–30m/16.4–98.4ft
Average Life: 30000 hours
Power Consumption: 3.84W/m
Voltage: 12V
Power Source: AC
Number of lights: 18 LEDs per 1m/3.3ft or 30 LEDs per 1m/3.3ft



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