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Cotosen WW

only 2 minutes white hair turn black naturally


the product only in 2 minutes 

white hair turns black naturally


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only 2 minutes white hair turn black naturally

 How to use the dye color shampoo ?
For black color use it like shampoo, about 3 amout first time, do not use water. after 10-15 minutes wash it with water; for other colors, wait 40-50 minutes, and wash it with water.
after 20-30 days use the second time, as new white hair will grow.
If few white hairs, any colors can use. If lot of white hairs and want dye color hairs, need black + color. black:color =1:5 or 2:8 up to person.
please use glove while dye hair , in case the nail will be black because nail and hair are similar.
How much should I use the dye color shampoo ?
men short hair about 30ml per time. women middle long hair 40ml per time, shawl hair about 60ml per time, for your information.
How long does the shampoo last ?
Normally 3-6 months customer use the 2nd time as new hair will grow up.



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