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If you’re in the ecommerce world, then you’ve probably heard the term ‘headless’ by now. In the past few years, headless has become more of a buzzword of sorts, making brands wonder if this configuration is the way to go for their own business.

However, some still struggle to completely comprehend what headless commerce is beyond the buzzworthy term people like to throw around. Simply put, headless commerce is the separation of the front and back end of an ecommerce site or app.

This decoupling allows ecommerce businesses to create unique content-led sites, customer-winning experiences, and a frictionless journey to checkout.


By allowing businesses to choose the frontend solutions that best support their business and marketing strategies; completely independent of the ecommerce engine they happen to have chosen.


With headless commerce, businesses are able to keep powerful backend platforms, like BigCommerce, while not having to disturb anything on the frontend that works for your company; allowing merchants to plug in commerce functionality to additional channels, or provide new experiences for shoppers, quickly and easily.

Customer expectations are rising, and brands are struggling to keep up with the constantly evolving ecommerce world that seems to be building around content more and more. And, with customer acquisition costs rising year-over-year, headless commerce is helping brands accomplish a content-led online store easily and affordably.

With customers not wanting to be sold to via traditional ads, content-led commerce is becoming the key. That’s why 70% of marketers have actively invested in content marketing this year. However, content marketing isn’t all about visuals and snazzy ads, it’s also about your customer experience. Easier checkout journeys, customized UX, user-generated content – all of these and more are ways to increase your customer’s overall experience with your brand and having 44% of them more likely to become repeat customers.

Headless commerce makes doing all this possible with 5 key solutions:

  • Advanced technologies to create visionary, fast websites.
  • Flexibility and familiarity for developers.
  • Speed to market for international and omnichannel GTMs.
  • Conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Complete ownership over site architecture.

In the end, a headless ecommerce setup is one of the best solutions for brands looking to deliver excellent customer experiences, content, and commerce across multiple channels. To help you learn more and understand if headless commerce is the right strategy for you, request a demo with BigCommerce and see how you can get started with headless commerce today.



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