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uptop clothing for sale online in USA


uptop clothing 

for sale online in USA


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uptop clothing for sale online in USA
Growing from a college startup to a regional lifestyle clothing company didn't happen overnight. Colt remembers One shirt in particular gained some attention and on that shirt was the word UPTOP with two guys jumping up. 
UPTOP was a term coined by Luke which represented the celebration of two guys jumping up and colliding in the air. Everything we did usually ended with an UPTOP celebration.
Together, Luke, Colt and a team of various friends created a platform that combined a live-for-today-lifestyle, and the celebration of all moments. Those who wear the brand have further inspired the company to continue sharing the idea of doing what you love with integrity, enjoyment, and in an original way.
Every moment is unique, whether it is something ordinary, or something completely unexpected. UPTOP believes that no matter what you're doing or who you're doing it with, make sure you take a step back and “Enjoy the moment. 



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