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iPhone 12 market release date in USA

The iPhone 12 will be unveiled during the month of October 2020. This year, Apple will unveil 4 different variants compatible with 5G. Release date, price, spec sheet, here's everything we know about the next iPhones at this stage.
Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 12 will be postponed by a few weeks due to coronavirus. Apple’s keynote would not be held on September 8, but during week 43 of the 2020 calendar. Either the one that starts on October 12. As the iPhone keynotes usually take place on Tuesday, the iPhone 12 presentation would therefore take place on Tuesday, October 13.
Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and 12 Max would start the same week. Or Friday, October 16, for a commercial launch the following week. Traditionally, iPhones are available on a Friday. That is October 23. The two other expected iPhone models, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, would not be affected. Even if they should be presented during the keynote on October 13, their marketing would not begin until November.
Apple is expected to present during this same keynote the “all-in-one” bundles. They would take the name Apple One. They would necessarily include Music and TV +. And other services would be added as needed: News +, iCloud, Arcade and a mysterious fitness service. Early clues about the price indicate that the savings would be $ 2 to $ 5 per additional service over the unit price.
The XS generation was the first for which Apple launched three smartphones, including a cheaper iPhone XR ($ 859), iPhone XS ($ 1159) and iPhone XS Max ($ 1259). With the iPhone 11, Apple once again launched three smartphones: the iPhone 11 ($ 809), and the iPhone 11 Pro ($ 1159) and iPhone 11 Pro Max ($ 1259).
Despite abandoning the charger and headphones included in the box, Apple may increase the price of the iPhone 12. The latest reports on the subject indeed speak of an increase of $ 50. This increase is mainly due to the integration of 5G and OLED displays on all models.
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