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iottie itap magnetic 2 for sale online in USA

iottie itap magnetic 2 
for sale online in USA
Offers and Prices

iottie itap magnetic 2 for sale online in USA Rare Earth Magnets: Features Two Strong Hold Magnets Powerful Enough to Handle Any Phone Universal Mounting: A Universal Mounting Solution That Will Hold Most Smartphones, As Well As Their Cases, and GPS Devices Metal Plate Options: Provides a Choice of an Inner and Outer Metal Plate; Each Plate Uses an Adhesive Tape to Attach to Select Mounting Location and Is Easily Removable ROTATING ANGLES: Provides a rotating ball joint to help provide 360 degree viewing angles to allow the user an enhanced view of their smartphone or GPS Device Vent Clip: Twist and Lock Vent Clip Allows for a Secure Fight on Most Air Vent Blades Hassle Free: iOttie Offers Manufacturers on All Products



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