Stove for sale online in usa

Stove for sale online in usa 
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A stove is a device that burns fuel or uses electricity to generate heat inside or on top of the apparatus. It has seen many developments over time and serves the main purpose of cooking food.
There are many types of stoves, such as the kitchen stove, the wood-burning stove or the coal stove.
Each type of stove varies in efficiency of heat, as such, many different materials and designs have been developed for varying levels of efficiency and purpose.
Due to concerns about air pollution, efforts have been made to improve the stove design over the years.[1] Pellet stoves, for example, are a type of clean-burning stove. Whereas, air-tight stoves are another type that burn the wood more completely and therefore, reduce the amount of the combustion by-products. Another method of reducing air pollution is through the addition of a device to clean the exhaust gas, for example, a filter or afterburner.
All wood stoves manufactured In the United States since 1992 are required to limit emission of particulates.[citation needed]
Research and development on safer and less emission releasing stoves is continuously evolving.


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