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Jim Nantz is getting his own Vineyard Vines store

Pebble Beach Golf Links has been called the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world. But soon it will also be a unique meeting of polos and pullovers, thanks to Jim Nantz. Yep, that Jim Nantz.
Golf’s best-known voice will leave his imprint on one of America’s storied destinations through a variety of prints and patterns from his clothing line with Vineyard Vines. A clothing line which the brand announced on Thursday will get its first brick-and-mortar location this winter, providing another shopping option among the row of stores that line the famed course’s practice green.
“Pebble Beach is the gold standard. Everything it touches reflects a certain style and panache,” the Sports announcer told GolfDigestm by phone. “I’m just honored to be partnering with Vineyard Vines and humbled to have this opportunity. We’re at the mecca of golf.”
A mecca Nantz has written about in his monthly Golf Digest column and where he resides you ve probably heard about his backyard replica of the iconic par- seventh. In fact, every part of the line has a tie to the area, from the Carmel polo to the Mile Drive performance vests. And with the longtime voice of the Masters living so close to the new Jim Nantz by Vineyard Vines store, don’t be surprised to see the hands-on Nantz on hand when he s not traveling for his other day job.
“When Vineyard Vines co-founders Shep and Ian Murray came to me two years ago to ask about starting a golf line, I said, ‘If I’m going to dedicate any time to this endeavor, then we’re all going to be in this to do something special, to create something that has a huge presence in the industry,’ ” Nantz said. “That was the goal. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it, because I’m all in. And this is a big step.”
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And if you’re wondering, this isn’t Jim’s first rodeo or is it Rodeo Drive? when it comes to clothing. Nantz was an active board member for eight years at Ashworth, where he says he learned valuable lessons in business and organization that helped him create his wine label, The Calling, and the Nantz National Alzheimer Center at Houston Methodist.
“When it came to this particular sector, I’m not coming in from the outside,” said Nantz, who also praised Vineyard Vines VP of sales Pat Kiely for his work in getting the line up and running. “I completely understand how it works in terms of building a brand and putting a team together and working months in advance on seasons. And trying to create a certain style and brand identification that the golf fan can relate to.”
Nantz first collaborated with Vineyard Vines on the Forget Me Knot collection, which raises money for the Nantz National Alzheimer Center while paying tribute to his late father, Jim, who battled the illness for years before passing away in .
“We are excited to team up once again with Jim,” said Vineyard Vines CEO and co-founder Shep Murray. “Following the great success of the launch of Jim Nantz by Vineyard Vines in spring , we’re looking forward to engaging with the community in Pebble Beach and further sharing ‘Every Day Should Feel This Good’ moments with all who stop by.”  
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