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your PlayStation gaming in 2021

If you're serious about your PlayStation gaming in 2020, then you're going to want a PlayStation Plus subscription – and right now at you can get sorted for the whole year for $35.79, rather than the regular price of $49.99.
That's a saving of $14.20 which you can put towards something else. You might not be triumphant in every game you play during the year, but at least you'll know you didn't pay over the odds for your PlayStation Plus subscription.
If you've not yet signed up for the service, now is the perfect time to do so. A subscription means you can play PS4 games online against other players, and it also gives you access to a select number of titles for free each month.
Don't pay full price for all this gaming goodness – take advantage of the offer and just pay $35.79 instead. Then check back here in 12 months for the best PlayStation Plus deals for 2021.



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