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Voice of Small Business online in USA

FreedomVoice is The Voice of Small Business™ 
We provide smart and effective communication tools to help small businesses and entrepreneurs do big things.
Since 1996 we have led the way as a business telecom provider, helping over 200,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses, improve their professional image, and connect with others through innovative technologies.
In 2016 GoDaddy acquired FreedomVoice - a natural fit. FreedomVoice and GoDaddy were both created with the goal of helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed.
With our cloud-hosted/virtual phone systems you can achieve your large-scale goals on a small-business budget. 
FreedomVoice provides telecom tech support that’s in a class of its own. When you call us, you are connected to a courteous technician who will take the time to listen, understand, and think creatively to help you get the most out of your service. 
We believe every small business deserves a solution that thinks big.
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